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Growing Marijuana in my Closet… New Nutrient Update

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20 comments on “Growing Marijuana in my Closet… New Nutrient Update

  1. joenz on

    hey man great new channel, yea i jus fdid the swap ta coco nd yea had those lil problems to ( yellowing and rust) i use nutrifield coco there coco specific nutes ( australian brand) after the transplant took about 2 weeks to get back into shape, if i had a CAL/MAG supplement i would of used it and this recovery period would of taking shorter stick with it bro andi hope you dont go back to soil

  2. theclosetfarmer on

    @crazybangalifarmer well damn… I went through this with the owner of the hydro store and he marked the bottles I should use for Veg and the ones for Bloom… I think my best bet would be just to switch back to the General Hydroponics nutrients that I have dialed in… Thanks for the info… =)

  3. printers on

    this is a little unrelated, but if you water the white widow during flowering with food coloring in the water, wouldn’t the white hairs turn to the color in the food coloring?

  4. mrZ0NES on

    i had the exact same deficiency when i switched over from soil to coco, ive been using botanicare full line with great success in soil but it went horriblle in coco, i ended up gettin rid of the coco going back to soil

  5. sgtskunk88 on

    I know for sure advanced nutrient’s mother earth super teas and the iguana juice grow and bloom are both coco safe, they are a little pricey but I’ve been happy with what I’ve gotten out of it

  6. crazybangalifarmer on

    hydr0 st0re 0wners talk shit in 0rder t0 sell nutrients, trust me hp2 and hpk r b0th f0r fl0wering 0nly, d0nt give up man, give them all a g00d flush, than like u planned switch 2 0f them 0ver t0 G.H and give 1 plant just the pura vida, peace 0ut br0, i hate it when plants get sick

  7. Prodigygrower on

    Yo bro it’s a calmag deficiency the coco aborvs it or something I’m growing in pure coco and I add magical every watering the new stuff u got makes magical and that should fix ur problem check out my new vid 5 and a half weeks old grown I pure coco u might need to get a coco based grow formula like canna or something like that but deff calmag bro will fix it peace

  8. crazybangalifarmer on

    @theclosetfarmer yeah man i thin u r right, c0nsiderin u have g0t the G.H dialled in u will be better 0ff with it. als0 G.H being three part really all0ws u t0 give the plant wat it needs. will be watching this mate

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