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Growing Marijuana – Closet Grow Op…

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Check out the new channel: Buy Seeds Here: Subscribe to my channel for weekly updates! Including indoor growing tutorials and techniques… Visit: for more information!! Growing Marijuana Indoors – Closet Grow Operation – Growing Closets marijuana plants growing weed ganja marijuana herb cannabis grow op box room hydroponics aero soil ph harvest joint bong pipe smoke bubble hps mh cfl led how to haze kush skunk white widow super lemo

14 comments on “Growing Marijuana – Closet Grow Op…

  1. thrash42 on

    Thanks for keeping it going dude. I’m really glad you found a way to keep on keepin’ on. Will definitely be catching you on the other site. Time to Rock !!

  2. Trapt1nw0nder on

    awesome, buddy!… Good to see you’ll still fight back. Cant leave Plants are looking marvelous! so you guarantee the 2 plants will out yield the 4? I currently am on day 15 from seed on Super Lemon Haze, A-Train, and a S.A.G.E.. S.A.G.E is outgrowing them all by double. I topped it on top of the 3rd node and trying to clone the top.. I will do the same to the other 2, and then will try and try your tactic of separating the plant, but on a 4×4 room. Original plan was 9. shooting for 1LB

  3. Trapt1nw0nder on

    So the Sage will have 3 colas, but i think I will either lollipop it, and remove the 2 lower ones, or clone them if they look good enough… Will also be using GH 3 part system… Do you use any additives?…. Your last grow was MONSTEROUS!… Hope my SLH gets nug anywhere near that…. You dont do C02, right?… Where is your humidity and temp run at?…. and i will also be using a 600w.. It’s gonna be my first time using it too..1st 2 grows were under a 150w hps 98g 3 plants in cab like yours

  4. crazybangalifarmer on

    im glad ur stayin bro, il also check outa this sounds like alive place, wanted 2 ask bro is that red dragon barneys farm utopia haze? i really wanna check out haze grows cos i love hazes. but as u prolly know hazes r right difficult bitches 2 grow, me being newbie i really wanna watch n learn how hazes r grown. Be in PEACE, show LOVE n always have MERCY! Smokin some awesome blue cheese

  5. Trapt1nw0nder on

    was my best grow…. So i think i can reach my goal of 1LB with Quadruple the Watts, and more experience thanks to youtube…. I also wont ever be one of those spending more money on nutes than what the weed is worth…lol…. and for medical personal use… I WILL NOT SELL MY STUFF!…. Share… But Not for the money, bro… That’s what we 2 have in common, and why i love your channel…k.. I’ll shh already….. Rock N Roll!

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