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Grow Room Rebuild and Upgrades

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Just going over the rebuild of my room for the next round and touching point on some things I feel are imporant to have consistant success in your grows. Hope this info helps you guys. Thanks for watching.

20 comments on “Grow Room Rebuild and Upgrades

  1. shortsaleyoda on

    How much does this system cost in total to set up for materials and products for a complete 12 plant system? Please advise. I want to get started soon, just doing research first and this looks AWESOME. Can you help me with a materials list?

  2. stoner3778 on

    looks good bro.awesome roots on the clones. so thick and fuzzy. great job. keep up the great work mate. see you on the next vid. they should have a nice lil spert in there new home. peace.

  3. raulhawkins718 on

    plant a rose bush outside of that window…feed it some good nutes and trim the shit out of it so it bushes out nice….the window will be hidden by the end of the summer

  4. mymariab09 on

    BRO!!! If you have homeowners insurance which im guessing you do…they send out home inspectors on inception and then every 3 to 6 years there after. Im sure they could identify whats going on. I donno if that is a concern for you but just letting you know.

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