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Grow Room Maintenance

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Just going over the things i do to prepare for each grow along with an upgrade or two. Thanks for watching!

20 comments on “Grow Room Maintenance

  1. Bret1Maverick on

    Ok, not only are you looking like your gona win the grow off, but you have the best looking helpers. Not dissing Dank OG, and the other girl. their good looking too. 😛

  2. TheCrunchymango on

    i have a wte/dry vacume and i couldn live witout it now,its great for cleaning through the room(fan covers etc)and way better than using cloths to dust, also i use the 8×4 trays(not saucers)that i stand my pots in,they are not level so any run off from my plants collects up front and ill hoover it up to remove standing water RH….look into a wet vac,a garden that size it will be a godsend and save you time n effort and IF you ever have a spill(hope not) they are great….

  3. EnigmusPluthorus on

    God bless the CAVEMEN who feel like they need to make comments about your helpers anatomy. Youtube is full of nerdy turds. Good job keeping up with the “little things.”

  4. OMMPgrower on

    Not a fan of having girls clean for me but I do agree that its VERY important to clean the rooms! I personally don’t always have a clean work space but i always keep my rooms clean.

  5. Bret1Maverick on

    The new XXXl’s dont have the glass that slides out. it folds down, but you cnat run it opend, without being air cooled. My friend had the XXXL you have, and took the glass out, till he got a fan. THese ones the glass doenst coem out, but they are more air tight, around the edges.

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