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Flowering Organic Marijuana in My Closet ☆

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Buy Seeds Here: Subscribe to my channel for weekly updates! Including indoor growing tutorials and techniques… Visit: for more information!! Growing Marijuana Indoors – Closet Grow Operation – Growing Closets organic organics marijuana plants growing weed ganja marijuana herb cannabis grow op box room hydroponics aero soil ph harvest joint bong pipe smoke bubble hps mh cfl led how to haze kush skunk white widow super lemon haze train wreck h

8 comments on “Flowering Organic Marijuana in My Closet ☆

  1. crazybangalifarmer on

    what strian is that???? wicked j0b 0n changing t0 humb0ldt nutrients, u sh0ulda get s0me white wid0w myc0 p0wder fr0m humb0ldt, its pr0b the best myc0 0n the market , bt u g0t myc0 madness that will d0 the j0b, peace 0t br0 will be watching keenly

  2. meds681 on

    try Fox Farm….. man, ur other plants on GH, were soooo much healthier. Hope this works out ! dam you tube, i would like to see more videos between the last 2, oh well. try out Fox Farm, great results… stay up man !!

  3. Dozz70 on

    Well….you got back on at least with a short Vid! Glad to see it. Next time…you might try the Fox Farms Organic line. Working pretty good. No burn and nice and green foliage. Good growth. I’m happy with it. I’m in soil but going to try Coco next time. Heard way better results from that.. I will let you know how harvest goes. Take Care

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