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Flowering day 11 first grow medical marijuana

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First and foremost I am a veteran of the United States Army as well as a two time Iraq war vet. Also I am a legal medical marijuana patient and this is my medicine. As well as my first time growing. These are started and vegged with cfl’s. Hid 600/hps for flowering. please tell me what I can do better or different. I am doing this for personal use to help my pain as I had 25% of my body burned in the military, an migraines and again I am legal. Please comment and let me know what I can do differ

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  1. hdmfba on

    Yeah on two of them they are female I know. But one has yet to show me any sexy pistils I am hoping for female it’s doing everything as to showing signs of being female. I am using a radical variation of fox farms and then I male special blend of dirt formulated for each gallon of dirt. Still a noob. Learning as I go I just want great tasting Meds and I don’t have the fox farm solubles this crop hopefully that stuff will help my next crop. Just short the funds three pak is like 105 bones m

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