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Black Bubba Kush CFL medical marijuana grow

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2 days from a full 2 weeks into flower but i wanted to make a quick progress video anyway. 23w CFLs 4 are 2700k 2 are 6500k 1700 lumens each im using FF Ocean Forest soil, used FF grow big during veg and Tiger bloom for flowering its my first grow so stfu haters i live in denver, i have my medical license i can grow up to 27 plants so please dont try and give me legal advice

11 comments on “Black Bubba Kush CFL medical marijuana grow

  1. mayoustard on

    ditch those CFL’s, youll never get the yields or density. youll get about and ounce if your lucky. It will look super thick until everything dries and it will shrink, My guess you get about 22 grams with that set up. Get a 600w HPS and you’ll get those 2oz but the cfl’s just don’t put out the lumens need for high yield. Im not hating at all, just throwin my experience and critics. I grew for about 6-7 yrs, had disasters and had bumper crops but it was definitely a fun hobby. good luck to you!

  2. krypekeeper on

    @kbgrowkid420 hell yea, i love it here. im from florida and if i was doin this there and got caught , i would prob go to jail for no less then a year for first offense.

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