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BC Northern Lights Producer (Grow Room Updates)

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Hey, we have updated our grow room and set up another with a bc northern lights producer. So thought we would show you guys how we have set it all up and what our next crop will be.. Thanks for watching.

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  1. HighlandBuds on

    @GROWZZZ They’re not cheap man. The company is in Canada, if I’m not mistaken, they are about $3,000, But since we live in the UK, the cost after import and tax was going to be about 4,000, We were lucky to get a good deal on our’s. We know a guy who owns a hydroponic shop, who had a few of them imported, and because our’s had been used as a display model in the guys store, it was technically second hand. Because of that (also being the guys best customers) he sold it to us for £1,600

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