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Almost Done

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OMG….fucking ***…. FUCKING ***** I dont know what happened but I said a lot of fucking fucks lol ok grow room is almost done flower room 8000 watts veg room 4000 watts pre veg 2×2 t5 i guess 8 x digital ballast – lumatek 1000 watts 8 x raptor reflectors 3 x max can fan 10 inch 2 x frigidare ac 25000 btu each 1 x LG ac 14000 btu 4 x nexgen digital ballast 1000 watts

20 comments on “Almost Done

  1. nehnehnehbatman on

    how is he linking 4 lights to two ballasts? (from what i saw) I thought a ballast can only take one light haha what if you havea 600W ballast, can you ONLY run one 600W bulb or two 600W’s?

  2. BeastieBloomz on

    Your nutz bro this is crazy

    Looks very Clean and Mean

    I really like the cam you read my mind.

    NextGen is made by CAP Right? Fuck

    Killer Setup Bro hope it brings your lbs of Happiness!!

    Thanx for the shout out your my kind of peoples


  3. nehnehnehbatman on

    @motorhash wow man thank you! You should make videos more often if you get a chance. Never heard of you until the man Varndizzle125 liked one of your videos! if you grow and update you’d get a ton of subscriptions man, Happy growing! i envy you and your grow; i have two more years.

  4. motorhash on

    @nehnehnehbatman no……… I have 8 ballast on the flower room……….and 4 in the veg room……well only 3 now…because im changing the other one ! I only run 1000 W

  5. motorhash on

    @BeastieBloomz <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< THIS IS THE FUCKER I WAS TALKING ABOUT thank you mofo !!! I hope that too ........... nextgen is from CRAP hehehe shitty all the way in my noob opinion ! lol

  6. BeastieBloomz on

    @medicropper I know your pain dude Im in the same boat too everyday it seems theres a new expense and the gardens are still producing I love growing for a living

  7. BeastieBloomz on

    @motorhash Fuck CrAP Dude theres got to be some clubs out there with some sick clones now go out and get them.Check out Apotacary Genetics run by Bret Bogue he is the man when it comes to clones because he runs a farm dedicated to clones but Im not sure where you can get them check out his site it should list some clubs.But yeah this is why I dont like clones because of the retards that sell shit that is fucked up just to make a buck.


  8. medicropper on

    @motorhash I’m up in Seattle unfortunately. I just paid my 3rd month’s rent on this house and still don’t have anything in flower. Hoping to within the next few days though. I just hope I don’t go broke before I harvest again in 10 or so weeks. Can’t wait to see you get plants in your room too.

  9. 916swangin on

    nice setup,,cant wait to see it action,i need a camera bad, that was a super deal on the cameras,ive been robbed 3 times,,not my indoor,just outside,,if i dont nail it down or take it inside when i leave,,its gone,,and someones always gotta be home,anyways bitchin setup……..keeppu$hin

  10. motorhash on

    @medicropper Dude I thought I was taking so long to finish !!!!!!!! I mean its not as detail as yours……so its a little faster to get it done !!! if you live in LA area I would be more than welcome to help you bro !!!!

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