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54 Day Old Indica – Planning to Flower on Day 57

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Day 54 on plants, day 24 on seedling, not 34 as I said by mistake in the video. Thanks to everyone who replied to the video where I asked how long before I flower. I plan to begin the 12/12 light cycle on day 57. Hopefully I will be able to sex the plants within a week or two of the switch. I’m going to leave the seedling in the room on 12/12 as well to experiment on a full 12/12 grow from seedling. Stay tuned for more updates on the vertical pantry grow.

3 comments on “54 Day Old Indica – Planning to Flower on Day 57

  1. LikeTotallyRich on

    Not gonna triple. The max they will double but you can keep them short by supercropping or LST (Tie the too high branch 90 degree angle to the pot, it will also promote side branch groth and you get more colas since the hormones will change in the plant). You can put CFL light over the plant at 2-3 inch over and they will stay pretty short. Plant stretch for light in flowering, nothing else.

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