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1140 watt LED lights can you see


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1140 watt LED lights can you seeJust trying to show you all a better veiw,it is very how to show this 1140 watt grow room.

9 comments on “1140 watt LED lights can you see

  1. zepperone1 on

    Well my lights are the cheapest ones that could find.
    Not one of these comes from the same place,and not at the same time.
    You can get better lights then the ones I have.And I am not trying to sell,
    anyone’s lights.

  2. zepperone1 on

    Man were do I start,All my lights are the cheapest that I can find online.And if you are trying to grow for selling.Then this is not for you.LED grow lights are for those of us.Who want to grow high grade for self.My grow is the same or better then what you get at the culb’s.I have been told by all my friends.

  3. randydombek on

    Heu zeps, curious…u know much about grow panel 45s? buddy traded me 4 them for work…are they worth a shit? Ps. I love ur vids keep up w/ the good info.

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