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1000W Grow Room Day 1 Flower

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My final grow in this place 28 plants with types ranging from Chrystal, Red Cherry Berry, Purple Haze, Critical Jack Herer, PIneapple Chunk, Super Bud, Exodus Cheese and a few more I cant think of right now. 1000W HPS soon to be two 1000W HPS

2 comments on “1000W Grow Room Day 1 Flower


    nice1 bro…i cant wait to get a bigger place for a bigger tent :)….all the best mate,looking forward to your next grow at new girls are nearly done,gona get two blue widow clones,or a could get 1one BW and one northern lights big bud,got told thats the one for the best yeild,but not that good qauilty ,but the BW will…wot you rekon just stick with the two BW??? or one off each??? peace

  2. KronDonSmokr on

    @LEITHWALKNINJA In my opinion with just a couple plants I would do two of the same so that way i know they will finish pretty much at the same time..but you would definitely get more yeild with a big bud plant but its gonna take a few weeks longer

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