LED Grow Super Lemon Haze Review

LED Grow Super Lemon Haze Reviewhey toobers, here’s my review of my Super Lemon Haze harvest. including dry weight and a taste test. very nice aroma as well, hope u enjoy.

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  • Herbal Gerbal 1 year ago

    I dry it in a room that’s kinda isolated from the rest of house, most of
    the strong smell is near end of flowering when its in grow room any way but
    u can harvest at nite too so u know that no neighbors or anyone might stop
    by. thnx for watching

  • Herbal Gerbal 1 year ago

    wat up boys, check out my Super Lemon Haze harvest review. turned out great
    and one of my favs this far. also look out for my LA Cheese harvest later
    this week. thnx for watchn

  • AutoGrower420 1 year ago
  • noircomics12 1 year ago

    Nice grow Herbal Gerbal keep them coming.

  • AutoGrower420 1 year ago

    Great stuff bro! Awesome yield and man those look like some stanky and
    frosty buds! Always look forward to your vids keep up the great growing!
    That plant was an auto right??

  • xsadca dasda 1 year ago

    how do you keep the funk down yo?